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  1. Recommend us to a friend - email takes friend to wrong page
  2. How to do this
  3. Is there a PHP RSS address sniffer?
  4. Ajax loading icon
  5. Problem with my sub-domain..
  6. How to make a product-builder wizard in ecommerce site?
  7. Need ideas for where to start on RateMyProfessors-type site
  8. Radio button validation using javascript
  9. Registry / Wishlist
  10. Reading AJAX data
  11. Can anyone identify this javascript forum script name?
  12. Retrieve stock quotes from website
  13. How to make a button to print the screen and sends the image via e-mail?
  14. Iframe capabilities
  15. Random Affiliate After Banner Click.
  16. IE9 and Round Corners
  17. Help on music site
  18. AJAX responseText not getting reading server response
  19. PHP Calendar Event
  20. MySQL/PHP Multiple Auto-increment (should not be multiple!)
  21. PHP functions on Image Maps
  22. Pulling in a db field to create a hyperlinked list.
  23. Killing MySQL process with PHP
  24. PHP redirect is just a blank page
  25. AJAX: Posting Variables?
  26. How to list down a text file in a list/menu
  27. PHP Web Form PLEASE HELP!!
  28. Need Help with jquery on Image Hotspots (Imagemaps)
  29. Web 2.0 / Ajax contact form
  30. javascript information
  31. need help in jquery
  32. jquery co***ict problem (may be)
  33. display problems
  34. help! enter page
  35. Query Result From One to Multiple Columns
  36. ereg Help for A Beginner
  37. need help getting search to work
  38. Postcode finder UK
  39. Custom IDX Real Estate MLS Tool
  40. Starting a SaaS business. Which technology should I use?
  41. LDAP Connection
  42. mssql connect to php:Call to undefined function mssql_connect()
  43. Display Problem
  44. Displa content from one ASP page onto another ASP Page
  45. Data exchange with different pages
  46. what is the best language to use for auction website
  47. Can I sesion many post value in one page?
  48. fwrite() expects.... help???
  49. Trouble Posting Form Data on new page
  50. Solar Slides Calculator
  51. Solar Slides Calculator
  52. Multi-language: Language page served based on TLD or subdomain?
  53. Quick Sign Up Sheet
  54. Javascript "change image at certain time"
  55. Error on Page in Status Bar
  56. phpbb Latest registered user, recent posts on static page?
  57. Audio Player
  58. Calculating a total from hidden form field
  59. Disable Form Input Java Question
  60. Review aggregator creation?
  61. log out code,,help!!!
  62. two records from the same table in for loop
  63. as3 button & safari
  64. What is the best way?
  65. Help with SQL syntax!
  66. .slideToggle not working in IE mega menu
  67. This is strange
  68. my contact form wont work in IE but works fine in Firefox
  69. Php and doc types?
  70. deleteing a certain section of txt file
  71. using strrpos to find numeric charater in string
  72. How to create an exam over Intranet
  73. contact-form.js
  74. getElementById properties
  75. Achievements
  76. Co***icting javascript
  77. Is it possible to turn a dedicated server to a streaming server?
  78. About Smooth Streaming : IIS Media Services extension
  79. Buttons don't appear when retrieving more data from database unless refreshed
  80. JQuery Help | Accordion Menu
  81. What's a good website dev tool for use with MySQL?
  82. Guitar website *Need some advice*
  83. Google analytics
  84. Save inplace edits
  85. automatic add new facebook wall
  86. Need help making a form
  87. Event Registration Sites
  88. Help with Pear & QuickForm.php
  89. Outputting forum/blog post
  90. php sticky form fields wont update
  91. Any errors in this PHP form submission script?
  92. Best solution for a client area!
  93. MySQL data row into HTML page?
  94. Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in [ ]
  95. Change database from mysql 4 to mysql 5 affects my calendar event page
  96. slideshow problems
  97. Help with creating a custom php module
  98. Asp help
  99. unsuccessful login attempts
  100. Incrementing each character in a string
  101. How to limit simplepie cache size?
  102. onchange() for dynamically added rows
  103. Best way to do this? - PHP Form then access specific content
  104. Javascript OOP Tutorials
  105. referral system
  106. PHP insert prepare error
  107. jQuery bug on mouseout
  108. Populating a textarea field based on TWO dropdown menu selections
  109. Creating a List Menu in JavaScript
  110. JS changing CSS background image
  111. CMS With (Individual) Member Area?
  112. Ajaxed tabs and emailing forms
  113. random images on 1 page?
  114. Help with Slider
  115. Tag System / Mask address
  116. C# WebRequest exception
  117. jQuery: wait for an animation to finish
  118. Change content of dynamically added row column
  119. Help Needed - Text-To Speech
  120. Anybody can help me to create a Breadcrumb for PHP Website build up by PHP Includes
  121. remember cookies - drop down
  122. ajax help please
  123. Where do i add the recaptcha code in this form?
  124. Complete PHP newbie...
  125. How to create report generation using php codes
  126. Javascript innerHTML problem
  127. Is there a PHP page screenshot software, witch can catch 2more pages at the same time
  128. Cannot get selector to work with SpryData Table
  129. Web server 101
  130. I need a couple of lines of javascript ($50)
  131. Creating Unique URL/mysql ID for user post
  132. Javascript or vbscript
  133. Multiple Form with formmail?
  134. JavaScript: onClick() not firing in Safari or Chrome
  135. How to make a website news carousel?
  136. asp.net url variables to populate form fields and/or auto submit
  137. making my flash fit things
  138. How to use Math random() distribution three div?
  139. executing php on same page on form submit
  140. sorting image objects in an array
  141. Easy Retweet ButtonInput or Textarea
  142. Looking for help with mash up content
  143. Problem with IE Compatibility
  144. Javascript function call in a php function problem
  145. Creating a mutilple search query form
  146. Question about Pycron for windows
  147. Announcement box
  148. Creating tab links?
  149. Creating a Searchable List
  150. Please Help Me Understand What Is Wrong Here - REGEX:Javascipt
  151. how to write two ampersand for javascript in wordpress?
  152. Transfer of variables to PHP page
  153. Help me!, how to configuration the wamp server?
  154. Enable users to use less back-button clicks to leave dynamic pages.
  155. phpBB header setting questions
  156. Homepage Help
  157. How to write a jQuery animate in this situation?
  158. setting and retrieving cookies
  159. Assign Articles to Pages (building a CMS)
  160. Form not sending one field of information
  161. Vbulliten Help
  162. Affecting an html element before opening it
  163. do Iframes talk?
  164. Please help me figuring this out.
  165. Please help me on this one - much appreciated !
  166. Some basic questions
  167. Need help - How to make a simple SSI dropdown menu
  168. PHPList or Your Own Code
  169. images for e-shop
  170. Manually Loading Scripts The Hard Way
  171. invalid argument jquery-1.3.2.min.js
  172. Which technology for form to template/maybe pdf?
  173. iframe - how to suppress javascript alerts in src page
  174. Javascript, HTML DOM and CSS - Mouse cursor not changing onmouseover.
  175. Required form fields
  176. error with filter()
  177. Highlight current page in Navigation bar
  178. trouble with login&remember feature
  179. Sort lists
  180. Generating an XML File
  181. Is it possible that IIS, Xampp that consist of mysql,apache and php in window server
  182. Anyone Familiar with Lightbox??
  183. Junior PHP Developer
  184. Javascript code to submit the page does not work sometimes in IE
  185. Associate an element hyperlink to an image in a slideshow.
  186. How to show the full resolution image at clicking on thumnail
  187. Help with a page...
  188. Detect if an image has loaded or not
  189. Shopping Cart Redirection or Interception
  190. Problem in php ajax post value.
  191. News publishing calendar
  192. Good Shout-box Recommendation???
  193. Live Webcam Streaming Functionality [multiple users]
  194. Please help with jQuery website scroll bar customization. I am stumped!
  195. Redirecting when coming from a certain place
  196. mail() function using XAMPP?
  197. Easiest way have users post on my website and have their post pop up on the home page
  198. How to view webcam (development question)
  199. scrollbar drives animated gif?
  200. need javascript to create an event based calendar
  201. htaccess special characters
  202. Head JS - speeds up loading of scripts
  203. Javascript program
  204. equalcolumns script -1px?
  205. Parse Error Help...
  206. Issue with getAttribute() and setAttribute()... Please help
  207. Auto-populate text in popover
  208. Where to find downloadable database dumps?
  209. Marquee JavaScript issue under IE8
  210. Get the name of a div onClick
  211. Looking for already made software for a particular type of site
  212. Joomla or Drupal?
  213. Search?
  214. Display multiple images in randon order with links
  215. Help with developing a general concept
  216. Advanced Form Processing
  217. quick question about forms
  218. excel spreadsheet functionality on website
  219. XML and SPRY Accordion.
  220. AJAX, JQuery, JSON with api help needed please.
  221. larger file archiving
  222. FLV Transparency Problem With Mobile Viewing....
  223. Registration tool for events
  224. Website Login System Issues!
  225. Save email to workfolder
  226. php hosting
  227. how to get tracker status from a tracker server?? please help
  228. style the appearance of the contents in main frame using javascript/jquery
  229. show Expiring Domains list in php
  230. embed pls link
  231. Video CMS ?
  232. CMS for video, maybe?
  233. Multiple Domain Names and how to use them properly
  234. "Cannot modify header information" Warning on PHP Login Page
  235. php and javascript function
  236. Inventory listing - Best Option?
  237. JQuery working in all but FF
  238. PHP or JS or Both validation
  239. How do I specify which pages preload (I need an existing javascript to be edited)
  240. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox when the button click
  241. where to start
  242. Floating Javascript Menu IE Issue
  243. Open minded web designer, in need of help
  244. Javascript/jquery being called from within actionscript 2.0
  245. Problem in Another way of retrieving data
  246. Automatic Page Creation
  247. Wordpress : problem of structure
  248. problem with search form
  249. Need help with web dev idea.
  250. style switcher load order