View Full Version : JavaScript cookies in IE6

11 Jul 2005, 06:54 AM

I've got a site that uses cookies from JavaScript (write and read) my question is, how can I view these cookies as they're stored in IE6?

I've got IECookiesView pointing to my Cookies folder and it's got a list of cookies, but none are from the domain i'm working on - although the cookies are obviously working. Does IE store JavaScript cookies in RAM like session cookies? Ideally I want just to be able to see the cookie names and contents but there doesn't seem to be any discussion on the Internet about it.

Also, I can see the cookies in Firefox - they just appear in the list in the Tools-Options-Privacy-Cookies list.

12 Jul 2005, 07:10 PM
Cookies are either stored in the Cookies folder or Temporary Internet Files for the current user with IE6. I'm not sure why some are stored in different folders, but it has to be physically saved because the browser might not be running for the full duration of the cookie's life.

Check in the Temp Internet Files and post back with your findings ;)