View Full Version : Testing On A Local Drive

13 Jul 2005, 01:51 AM
Hi everybody, I was recently put on a website maintenance project and the site menus are implemented mostly with javascript menus. I have copied all the files, about 300, to a folder on my local drive. The files on the server were all in one directory. I would like to test the *.htm pages on my local drive but when I click on menu links, I constantly get prompted to connect to the internet. This is because all the a href links are prefixed with the site name. In other words, instead of the link being service.htm it's http://www.somewebsite.com/service.htm. So this leads to two questions. #1 is it bad, whoever implemented all the links this way, in other words seems to me it would increase the bandwidth to the site, unless the server's smart, because every link hits the server from the outside again. And #2, how do I test this locally? Is there a way to fool the browser into thinking that the url www.somewebsite.com is actually on my local drive? Thanks everybody.

13 Jul 2005, 02:27 AM
a) its best to have the images and links that way so bots like google pick up on teh domain more often
b) it does NOT use more bandwidth

The only way would be to change them all to links without the http://blah.com/ in them (then again, making such a drastic change could mess with the google/msn/yahoo ratings). So i say just connect to the net and deal with it :p