View Full Version : User forum & chat ... reference: mediainspiration.com (?)

23 Aug 2005, 01:28 PM
Referencing MediaInspiration (http://www.mediainspiration.com) there is an area at the bottom of the page called "Interact". This location has a cool "Chat Online" and "User Forum" functionality that I believe is in PHP.

With that said, I would love to emulate that same functionality with the idea of having the condensed look, use of "choose your icon" and the pagination of compiled pages of the forum ...

Would anyone have suggestions, thoughts, ideas as to how this can be accomplished--or perhaps how in fact MediaInspiration has done this ... or if there is something VERY similar in regards to an "out of the box" answer?

http://www.mediainspiration.com/hompage_sections/interact/interact.htm (http://www.mediainspiration.com/hompage_sections/interact/interact.htm)

I'm not well versed in PHP but your expertise is greatly appreciated however you can relay/translate. Thanks in advance for your help!