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07 Sep 2005, 05:49 AM
Hi.. hoping you can help! I imagine I'm about to ask a really simple question but for the life of me I can't work out the answer.

I've been using NVU to make what will essentially my first website (essentially a simple information only site). I can upload/view on the web the homepage - thats fine but I can't get my head around how to link to additional pages.

What I mean by this is while designing them is fine, I can't work out how to structure the files on the ftp etc to allow link through to them..

I'm sure its a very simple answer but if anyone does know, it would be great to find out as its driving me up the wall!

Many thanks


07 Sep 2005, 02:18 PM
There are two forms of links commonly used. Absolute and Relative links.

Absolute: e.g. http://www.example.com/folder/file.html - This explicitly states the address to the linked page. It is most often used to link to pages that are not part of your current site.

Relative: e.g /folder/file.html - This gives the path form the current page to the linked page. It only works within your own site. This is most commonly used because the path form file to file is the exact same on your local machine as it will be on the web server.

For example. If you have 2 pages in your computer. One is at c:/mysites/example/index.html the next is at c:/mysites/example/folder/file.html Then the path for the link is /folder/file.html. When you upload your files to the web server, the first file will end up at /public_html/index.html and the second file would be at /public_html/folder/file.html. The path is still just /folder/file.html. So the same link works on your local system as works on the web.