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26 Sep 2005, 07:31 PM
Hi fellows,

You know it’s neither easy nor simple to sell web sites as we wish to. Many times we bump into companies that judge web sites completely futile, or clients that have no idea on what they want, and even those one who just say: too expensive! And so on…

We need to know that web sites are not necessity. The only necessities the human being have are:

Physiological necessities – food, water, oxygen, have sex and rest.
Security necessities – physical and financial.
Social necessities – friendship, love, filiation and association.
Appraisal necessities (ego) – status, respect and self esteem.
Self-realization and self-satisfaction

So we need to identify in those necessities above what a web site satisfy the prospect, plan the sales methodology, which market to choose, and so many other things that we became annoyed just to think about.

Unfortunately everyday we need to do and redo: sell our products, our services, our image, and our speech. Choosing the right prospects could ease our existence of web developers.

Hereby I decided to create this topic and I’d like you guys co-operate posting your positive and negative experiences about the top 15 profitable and ease selling niches you tried to get a job, and the top 10 niches you won’t offer your services anymore.

Let’s post guys… Your good and bad experiences and the list of:
Top 15 – profitable and ease selling niches
Top 10 – disgusting and hard selling niches

My apologies if this is not the right place for the post.