View Full Version : Trying to get a website started

05 Oct 2005, 01:14 PM
Hi can you please help?
I am trying to get a website started then put in a link to a forum i have got going.
This is what i have done so far:
1 purchased a domain name www.example.com
2 Got a host and the control panel is helm
3 i am able to use the host software to get a page on the site but the software is not to good so i got hold of dreamweaver and have done a page on dreamweaver but have no clue on how to link this to my host so it is the page displayed when i type in www.example.com.
any ideas what i am on about?

05 Oct 2005, 02:12 PM
Dreamweaver stores the page on your computer's hard drive. You have to use a FTP (File Transfer Protocall) program to connect to your web site. (I use the one form www.smartftp.com cause it's free). Your web host will be able to tell you the usernames and passwords to use.

Using the FTP program, you upload the page(s) from your hard drive to the web server. It should then be visible at your domain name in your browser.

If you have any other problems - ask your web host for assistance, that's what you are paying them for.