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05 Oct 2005, 07:10 PM
I'm using the Yahoo SiteBuilder and have created a really nice site. I wanted to use it with my free account but it won't let me publish it without a paid account. SO ... I tried just upload the files to my account, exactly as they are in the program. Well, it obviously has some code that won't allow it to be pubished properly because where the top image goes, it states something to the affect of needing a paid account. NOW... I went into the preview area and found those pages come up without that on there and the image where it belongs. I was going to just upload those pages to the free account .... However, I'm wondering if you can help me get this stupid code out that is doing this. Here's some code I found in the source of my index file:

<! --$img %RemappedImageAsset:/sitebuilder/clipart/bars/regular/horizo ntal/hortLeaves_green.jpg$-->

<! --$navbar
$--><! --$begin exclude$-->

Is this CSS or XML??? Can this stuff be removed from the source and my site still work??? HELP!!!

06 Oct 2005, 03:50 AM
Two problems here, neither are that hard to fix. The first is the graphics you're using aren't where the code says they are. You'll need to copy the graphic files to your web directory and then change the path in the code to where they actually reside on your server.

The second problem is that your page on their server resides in a database and it's build dynamically, meaning that there's no static HTML code to display it. The [i]<--$ ... $--> stuff is part of their code. What you'll need to do is to build the page with the necessary elements in the places they need to be.