View Full Version : Constructive Criticism Appreciated

14 Oct 2005, 09:10 AM
I just put up a new site at http://GiftListUSA.com
Registration is required to really see the heart of it, but it IS free. The site is simply a place to keep track of Gift Ideas for friends, family, etc. The idea was my wife's, she wanted it for herself, but then other people kept asking me to set it up for them too, so I consolidated it into one site, and made it multi-user.

On top of any criticism, good suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. I'm already working on a way to send your list (or parts of it) to friends (probably send them an E-Mail, which will have a link in it. When the link is followed, they will get options to integrate the list that was sent with their own, or sign up for the first time, and use the list as a starting point).

16 Oct 2005, 04:50 PM
I think it is a great idea. A few things I notice:

- it says the "ads at the top left" but in my browser they are top right.

- People might want to sign up more if they could get a better idea of what they will get by signing up. Could you add screen shots as examples of some of the main features? You could also suck people in by offering free gift suggestions (and then make some $ by building affiliate links)

- Is there some reason it is gift list USA? Is there some reason the rest of the world couldn't use it? You would widen your audience by offering it to other countries.

- The design on the main page is a bit dull, in my opinion. Giving gifts is a festive, happy thing. Could you reflect that in your design?

Good luck!