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15 Oct 2005, 12:09 PM
I've been an adsense publisher for the past 1 year. Everything was going smoothly and I had my first check from Google after 3 months of participation. After hundreds of hours I spent on developing my website, I was only able to earn a couple of hundreds buck from it. My earning was around the range of $110-$120 every month for the past 1 year.

You must have heard that the earning is proportionate to the number of clicks you've got which in turn is proportionate to the number of traffic you've received, right? Well, that's hold true!

What I did lately was to buy a legitimate program from Net ********* Center which helped me to increase my website traffic to ten-fold. That in turn, increased the number of clicks from my website. I could see my earning kept growing day after day. I was hoping to receive a check of 4 figures. Guess what?

Alas, my adsense account was banned for the reason that Google suspected fradulent clicks and suspicious activities were behind the sudden increase of number of clicks.

Well, I've learned a lesson, make sure your earning increase gradually and not all of a sudden. I've tried to appeal but failed. Anyway, I've found another pay-per-click program which is at par with AdSense. Sorry, can't reveal the website name here.

Good Luck.

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22 Oct 2005, 06:43 PM
Out of interest, how quickly is too quick? That is, how long did it take you to increase traffic 10 fold?