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Door #3
20 Oct 2005, 06:10 AM
I'm developing a series of Flash-based templates.
I have 4 complete so far. Two versions of each.
My latest version which I call the CXV are equipped to stream A/V media.

The sites are pretty much selling themselves. They're worth a few thousand each, but I let them go for under $500.

I want to add more ease-of-use for those who own them. Right now theres no need to know HTML or any other programming language because all functions are scripted within the Flash files. All the owners have to know how to do is type, or copy and paste. For encoding movies they'll have to get they're hands on that software to convert the files, but if they're into doing movies, they'll be able to make that happen.

I'm giving away up to 30 sites. All that the testers have to do is give suggestions, complaints,- general feedback. I've begun to set up an online project feedback area. I'm about to open a forum section on in a nother site's boards. The beta testing is only for the CXV versions because they do so much more than the previous versions. Right now the sites are selling and can be downloaded once purchased and they include instructions for getting started. I even give free versions of WS FTP (formal agreement) for download. To be a tester costs nothing. When updates to the files are made the testers will receive updated versions. Adding the updates wont disturb the sites functions. Just drag & drop.

Anyone interested can come to the site and check out the samples and then fill out one of the forms by clicking the "Alter X" button on the Contact.../Get Yours" page. Its a form for those who want alterations to chosen sites (which are done for free), but just state that you're interested in being a tester and what your site's content is and any other info you may want to add.

If you know someone else who may be interested, forward the info. You could make some extra money hosting the site and henceforth locking them in for the long-term. Everybody gets what they want.

One of the things I want to do is add an "Ease-of-Use" rating for each template.
Spin on the "Difficulty" rating. It keeps a positive note.

Since the sites began selling I've been giving referrers $100 for each one sold. If you're interested in that, just use the same form or you can leave me a message. Anyone interested in somehow combining provision of sites with your hosting to your customers, maybe we can work something out. Even if you want templates developed exclusively for your services for your customers, lets talk.

It all begins here: http://classx.galaxy9.net
Right now its called Class X (http://classx.galaxy9.net)

I have more templates on the way. They're moving more into a futuristic direction. More features are always being considered and added.

Regardless of participation, any feedback is welcome. Good or bad.
Thanks for taking time to read this. Its been a long road, but its paying off for everyone.