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23 Oct 2005, 03:44 PM
Hi friend
This is not a technical question all I am wandering about some general information that we required for standard website where visitor feel comfortable and get his information at first glance of the website.

Currently Internet speed is very high also resolution of monitor is also very high. But a web site is visited by all part of the world and every body doesn’t have the same speed connection or same resolution. Can you give me your opinion about the weight of an index page and the standard resolution the designer should flow during the design.

Also I read somewhere that during browsing or searching for content a visitor spent highest 30 second on a website. What will be your opinion on it.

23 Oct 2005, 05:18 PM
It does depend a bit on what sort of site you are making. A site for technical geeks or gamers will be able to aim for a higher resolution or file size than a site designed for net newbies who will probably have a more basic setup.

The basics are to design for a resollution of 800x600px and have a page download size of no more than 40kb per page (about 8 seconds on a 56kbps modem). However, you should still test your page on higher resolutions. You don't want it to look too small at high resolutions. If possible you should make your design flexable so that it flexes to fit the screen it's in.

Remember to also test in all browsers (IE6, Firefox, Netscape 7 and Opera). Plus all possible platforms (windows, linux and mac)