View Full Version : Custom forum, requesting comments

27 Oct 2005, 01:48 AM
Yay, my first post!

The webpage in question (http://tinyurl.com/9h3gk) is a custom-made forum that we are currently trying out (not a forum template, but a single forum (for now, at least)). Do you have any tips, comments, bugs etc, for its design or function? It was made in php.

29 Oct 2005, 09:21 AM

Your username and password box do not line up. It sounds silly to point this out, but it kind of looks unprofessional. And I'd change the value of the submit button to something like 'Log in'.

If you are not yet a member then click here to create your free account today! I'd just have a 'register' link or button. If you say "free account today," it sounds like you're trying to sell something lol :nono:
Referrer is spelt like that, not like refferer.
I tried viewing it on 1024x768 and the 'Events' thing kind of obscures the view - it makes it so that I have to scroll down to click on the topics. This might put some people off (people tend to leave a website if the information they are looking for isn't available at first glance).
The bar on the left (Last 50 posts), is in my opinion a bit too wide, and it squishes the topics list, which really should occupy most of the screen. Speaking aesthetically, it'd be better if there wasn't so much space between each of them, and no border between the subject and the author/date.
In the thread view page the subject is waaaaay to big a font size, and it doesn't wrap either.

Don't forget that about 50% of web users have 1024x768! (Also, only about 15% have larger resolutions and about 25% have 800x600, but they must be used to using scrollbars by now..)

Overall it's not bad.. I know how difficult it is to make a forum script from scratch.. :D