View Full Version : Forum code on Html Site

31 Oct 2005, 06:15 PM
I'm new to this forum but looking for advice..
Is there a way of getting code normally used for posting to a forum
I.e. tags such as ""
to work on a normal html page?

31 Oct 2005, 08:24 PM
Not really. The reason forums and blogs use BBcode is precisly because it doesn't work like html if left in the page. It saves people hacking out site by putting nasty html instructions into our nice forum pages.

When the post you make is read out of the database to be displayed, a script parses the post and converts the BBcode to html tags. At the same time it chagnes any html tags that you might have typed in, into safe ascii code (i.e. we turn <body> into &lt;body&gt;)

We can do the translation of bbcode to html becaue we are using a script. With just html, no script, it's not possible.

In most cases, the only differance between html and bbcode is one uses [ and ] where as the other uses < and > for example "[b]" is <b> in html. So why not just code in html normally.