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04 Nov 2005, 04:43 PM
hi all,

i am looking to start a new website that essentially centralizes scientific journals for specific research topics and i wanted to know what method/language i should use to create something like this? the main things i am looking for are security, the ability to run extensive seraches through articles, being able to handle many image and document file types, a method for users to upload their own work, and allowing users to to peer review articles

would a database driven site be suitable with php, sql?

also if anyone could recommend any good books for their suggestion i would greatly appreciate it...thanks in advance :)

06 Nov 2005, 06:58 PM
I would go with PHP & MySQL. Also in your initial design, I would recommend to use CSS.

books? "PHP and MySQL Web Development" - 3rd edition Welling, Thompson
"Zen of CSS Design, The: Visual Enlightenment for the Web" - Shea, Holzschlag.

Also, if you're learning php and mysql, you can visit sites that give free tutorials on them instead of purchasing a book. My site ( http://www.allsyntax.com ) has tutorials, and here are some good ones:


and/or, check out the google listing: