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05 Nov 2005, 02:58 PM
I am just beginning to design a hobby webpage and took an online class for HTML and learning CSS by myself. I have two questions-
1) I do not know javascript but have noted that most web pages with embedded movies use javascript. Will embedding a movie without javascript detract in any way from my webpage?
2) My movies are made on iMovie and transferred to Quicktime. Is there any way of increasing the size of the screen which shows the movie in Quicktime without causing the movie to blur or look distorted? Does the compression of the iMovie into Quicktime work best with a small screen?
Thank you.

05 Nov 2005, 11:16 PM
Very little javascript (none) is used to display the movies. The script you see probably provide other functions such as open popup windows for the movie to run in or allow users to select a movie format or image size. The actual ebeding code is just html, no script.

Movies encoded in quicktime will require the user to have quicktime installed on thier own system. There are a significant number of people who don't have quicktime. It may be advisable to offer alternative formats for them to use.

It is unlikely that you can increase the size of the qt movie without quallity loss. You should return to the origonal source file (e.g. the avi file or the digital video tape) and re-encode the movie again at a higher size.