View Full Version : My forum needs help

07 Nov 2005, 06:19 AM
I modeled skins from a site that I like much.hope you like it.
The name is "Around the World" Forum.I am from China and could someone give me ideas about content categories and forums setup.or introduce me some similar sites about this topic.


09 Nov 2005, 04:51 PM
Chances are you'll be doing most of the writing on the forum, so it would be good if its a topic that you know alot about, or one that you very interested in, one that you know you will dig into. When you do choose a topic for the forum, try focusing it. Make sure its not something too broad, but not so specific that you ignore things that can be related to the topic and add for good discussion.

Once you've done that, it always helps to have a part of the forum where your visitors can post things about anything, something off the main topic of your forum.

So take the time and think about what you're really interested in, and what you'd like to talk(write) about before you choose your primary topic for your forum.