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08 Nov 2005, 08:20 AM
Thanks to the guys that have responded to my other posts so far, very helpful.
Hopefully this won't be construed as spamming because i asked a similar question before but this time i need ASP expertise. Anyway, here goes:-
This is what i posted before:-

"I've developed a shopping cart with PHP and MySql which works fine. Once an item is added to the cart it is withdrawn from the database instead of leaving the withdrawing till the checkout stage. This avoids shoppers all choosing an item that may be the last in stock. The only problem is if the shopper that has the item in their cart decides not to buy and leaves the site without removing the item from the cart or the session times out, the item hasn't been purchased but also hasn't been put back in the database. What can i do to get round this?"

I had some very useful advice which leaned towards withdrawing the item at checkout for simplicity reasons. If i had the time i might venture into the other recommendation of writing a script to check the cart if the session timed out or the browser closed without a purchase and replenish the database with unpurchased items.

What i want to know is does asp.net offer any different sultions to this problem or would i be left with the same options?