View Full Version : crewSFX revamped

23 Nov 2005, 04:26 PM
crewSFX, www.crewsfx.com, has gone through a few positive changes. Style is now done via CSS and is taking more all the time. The header is now clearer and doesn't represent a button.

Tell me what you think and if it's getting there.


Timothy Clark

Ken Masters
25 Nov 2005, 12:47 AM
You must be still working on the religion page because it doesn't seem to be working for me. Missing image on games page. I love the look of the navigation. Forcing the user to listen to music is a bad idea. I for one get really ticked when some bad audio from a flash site overlaps my music. Nice layout, colours. Emphasis on the site identity is needed on the main page. Took me a while before I knew what the site was about. Nice work.

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