View Full Version : Return of the "my XHTML wont render properly in IE" problem

02 Dec 2005, 07:08 PM
hey guys - im in this neck of the woods and compared with some of the mad skillz some of you guys have my webdesign ability looks n00bish (and to be fiar its not great).

So anyway I have been re-doing my band's website (appology in advance its a lil bit slow cos its running of my server in my house, im a poor student hosting is not for me atm!) and after a long photoshop based slog and some arduous CSS-ing (new for me, i had to teach myself after being told "Table Layouts are BAD - Dont Do It Dev! :nono:") i had a nice looking layout and everything was good in the land of www.cadenzaonline.co.uk (http://www.cadenzaonline.co.uk). Currently there's a "come back later" style page up there i put in place of the old flash based site while I sorted out the content.

Depressingly - adding content to my site makes it go horribly wrong. THIS (http://devtech.zapto.org/cad/site) is the proper homepage with some text and images in place. FireFox loads it properly however IE won't do it. No matter what I try (aside from removing all the content) some the slices of background seem to be 1px out of line. its very frustrating not knowing what to do :wall: :splat: .

I did some reading and it would appear that FF loves CSS and IE won't play ball. Is there some work around for this - there must be - certain people suggested there was but i could not find one that would work for me.

All suggestions welcome, I will post code if you want it but its probably easier just to goto the appropriate page and rip it for yourself.

Thanks in advance

Dev :devil:

04 Dec 2005, 06:48 AM
c'mon - hasn't anyone got any ideas?