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06 Dec 2005, 09:41 PM
Hello all, wow, first post here-still in the process of learning things(only know HTML and CSS decently at best), but I was interested if anyone could post information concerning layout/design theory. My current aim is to design an aesthetically-pleasing layout to present my information on. I was thinking fixed-width-but am still open to any creative suggestions. Also, is there any suggested offline reading concerning this subject???
I've read up and looked into Design it Yourself:Web Sites by Itzkovitch and Till, but was wondering if I might be able to find a more lengthy read on the subject that goes a little bit more into details. Right now, I am currently looking into and learning more about color theory--is their anymore suggested reads out there?

06 Dec 2005, 09:59 PM
Not exactaly what you've asked for, but my number one recommendation for anyone designing websites is to first read "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug. It will help keep you from making some of the common mistakes that many web sites suffer from.