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12 Dec 2005, 02:02 PM
Hey guys I was looking around the forum and found the script I needed.
But I dont understand a word this ****in guy is saying so if you guys can help. The scripts is so that when someone submits their info on my site, it goes too my e-mail. heres the script the guy wrote.

OK, configuration time
# In the referers array you *need* to specify all the host referer address'
# which you want to allow the script to let through, ie from mattsscripts.co.uk,
# I would specify ('mattsscripts.co.uk', 'www.mattsscripts.co.uk') as to make
# sure whether somebody was on www.mattsscripts.co.uk or mattsscripts.co.uk.
# There are a variety of options the script understands, each with their own effect on the resulting
# email or the process in general, see below. These can all be specified using an input tag within
# your form, hidden input tags are also recognised.
# recipient = address to send the mail to (can be a comma seperated list, eg "r1@host.com,r2@host.com" etc)
# sender = the "From: ..." (or Reply-To:) section of the sent email
# subject = subject of the email
# redirect = web page to redirect the client to after the email has been sent succesfully
# incomplete = web page to redirect the client to if he/she has not completed the form (see below)
# required = a comma seperated list of required values/variables, if the user does not fill all of these
# fields in then they will be redirected to the "incomplete" config variable (see above), if
# the "incomplete" config variable is not set then a page will be shown explaining the error.
# An example can be seen just below of this field;
# <input type=hidden name=required value="email,name,surname">
# fileuploads = this option is used to handle fileuploads, within this field specify a comma seperated list
# of the fields within your form that contain file uploads, see below for an example.
# ---- CUT HERE ----
# <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="mattfm.cgi" method=post>
# <input type=hidden name=fileuploads value="file1,file2,file3">
# <input type=file name=file1>
# <input type=file name=file2>
# <input type=file name=file3>
# <input type=submit>
# </form>
# ---- CUT HERE ----
# See? its really not that hard...

# this is one of the most important variables in the script, this formats the
# email that you receive! Variables are placed within "<" and ">" markers.
# The variable name is placed within them and is case sensitive. POST and GET
# variables are checked first, if they don't exist the script turns to
# cookies, and finally environment variables.
# A list of script defined variables is below

Ok thats not all of it but the rest is irreevant to what I want. Can anyone explain this. What do the <input type> things mean? Where in the example do i put my e-mail that will receive the info.
Or am I suppose to put the recipient in tags like this
<recepient=homo@hotmail.com> and do like wise to the rest of the script.
I dont know im lost