View Full Version : Inserting a search facility in a web page

16 Dec 2005, 08:25 PM
Hello all,

I want to know how a search facility can be inserted on a web page with out getting involved with databases & serverside headaches.I guess it,s possible using Javascript arrays+html forms(text fields) yet I,m not clear about it.Any pointer to some useful tutorials on this topic,d be very helpful.Thanks in advance.

17 Dec 2005, 12:15 AM
The simplest way is to have someone else do the search for your site. You can add a Google site search simply and let them handle everything, and there's a free version of it. Just add a bit of code to your pages and you're done.

Otherwise you'll need to find a suitable script that you like. There are hundreds out there at places like http://hotscripts.com ... some free, others commercial. I haven't looked at them in some time, so don't have a recommendation for you.