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17 Dec 2005, 11:31 AM
I have 3 questions regarding a web site I am constructing.
1) My web site has multiple short videos 3-5 minutes which the viewer can click onto. The movies are made on Apple I-movie and converted to Quicktime movie. Before I begin compresssing the I-movie to Quicktime, is there a recommended streaming quick start option that I use. Quicktime seems to recommend Sorensen 3 compression. Will people with slow modems be able to view these movies with reasonable download time? How can I test download times before actually going on line with my site?
2) I seem to be using a lot of memory in my apple notebook making these movies. How would you recommend that I increase my memory- either an extra chip in the notebook or an external memory source.
3) Would either options for #2 allow me to upload web pages to my site with equal efficacy?
As you can tell I am a real novice and don't want to make any foolish or expensive mistakes while constructing this site.
Thank you for all your help.