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18 Dec 2005, 07:09 PM
In front Page 2000, How to add navigation bar i am not clear from this.
I have got this one in my navigation view


But i want home , page1, page2, page3 as hyperlinks from all the pages in the left side of all pages.

such that in any of those pages home , page1, page2, page3 , if i click on any page it will go to the corresponding page. ... like clicking on page2 from home page to will take to page2 ( here to note that page2 will also have all the pages home , page1, page2, page3 as hyperlinks in the left side)

I have applied shared border also, but is not getting each links in all pages (i.e. not getting each of home,page1, page2, page3 as hyperlink in page2, or page3 etc). Why this is happening,, i am not clear . Pls help.

Another question: How to apply a button to those hyperlinks.