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22 Dec 2005, 10:21 AM
Please preview my new website and tell me your opinion :

Animal kingdom (http://www.animalskd.com)


22 Dec 2005, 04:55 PM
My first impression was that I didn't know what the site was for. Something about animals, but the purpose wasn't clear. Then I realized that the little animation added a tag line "Everythings About Animals" (should read, "Everything About Animals") and it was a bit clearer, although it could be expanded on somewhere on this page.

Just under the "home" button it reads "Ads by Google," but where are the ads? Are they the links just to the right of that? Those look like links into the site, and that could confuse visitors.

You've then got categories of animals, only I noticed just a few. Wasn't until later that I scrolled down and found there were more at the bottom of the page. Shouldn't these all be grouped together at the top? Maybe two rows of four images?

Consistency in labeling would be helpful. "Big Cats" ... "Dog Family" would seem more cohesive as "Big Cats" ... "Dogs"

You animal facts contains no facts, just questions thast aren't answered. I'd either make then fact statements, or make the questions link to where someone can read up and find the answer to the question you're posing. Personally, I'd do the latter as it'll draw people into the site.

Your search link doesn't work, and in fact takes one to a page that they can't use the back button to get out of.

"Contact Us" is an email link and should be labeled "Email Us" instead as it doesn't go to any contact information.

Overall I found getting around easy and there were no surprises (other than the search link) in my navigating, which is good.