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28 Dec 2005, 02:23 AM
Search engines are a huge data base.It demonostrates your web-site to the internet viewers throughout the world.Three major seach engines such as Google,Yahoo and MSN are doing useful work at their best.

The following are the useful guidelines to place your web-site in the high ranking zone.

A.Choice of web title:

It is to be chosen in such a way that your product will adapt with the title.

B.Key Words:

Choice of key words are one of the effective tools to get high ranking in the search engine.Key words will be selected where most of the internet viewers consume their taste.

C.Link Exchange:

Communicate with the owner of non-competing web-site for linking your web-site and vice-versa.

D.Optimize each page:

Consider each page as a separate entity.Home page should be optimized using most competitive key word available in the market.The other pages should be optimized using relevant key words.

E. Submission of Articles:

There are huge opportunity to submit your articles on the web-site.But selection of articles will conform the resources of your web-site that will help to establish yourself as a competent web-site owner.

F.E-mail Signature:

Make the program that your name,URL,E-mail address will automatically be attached in every e-correspondance.

G.Exchange of Traffic:

Exchange of traffic should be intensified from one member to other.

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Julio Saltos

28 Dec 2005, 07:44 AM
Hi, I have a quick question for you: In your point C - you said to exchange links with non-competing websites, but what about link relevancy ?

Shouldn't you expand it a bit to say, "Communicate with the owner of non-competing, but related, web-sites for linking your web-site and vice-versa." ?