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28 Dec 2005, 10:17 AM
I have purchased a template site and want to play around with some basic editing of this site. I am familar and have Adobe photoshop 7, Dreamweaver mx. I also have Macromedia flash 8 but have never used it before. I guess im confused on where to start with the editing of this site. Do I open the psd files and edit them and then go into flash8, open the fla file and delte the old (I guess layers) and import the new edited psd files? I for the most part don't want to change the layout of this site or anything. I just want to add the company name and change the information that is on the site. I do want to add the contact form. On the contact page there are the fileds that you can type in but from what I read you have to actaully add the form yourself? I am pretty new to all this so I just need to figure out how to get started and work all this and I should be able to run with it. Like I said I have a good knowlage of photoshop, and an OK one with Dreamweaver. It's Flash that I have never worked with and would like to start playing with.

Thank you in advance for reading this and for any advice you can give me!

28 Dec 2005, 12:37 PM
I think I figured out how to use flash 8 to just edit the site. My question is why do they include PSD files and html files along with the flash FLA movie? Is it so you can use the site without it being a flash site if you want? Do I need to use these files when I put the site up or are they just there in case I want to use them? I've never put up a flash website before.

One thing I see I'd like to do is on the page that I have set up for the F.A.Q. page, I'd like to be able to scroll down within that page. I need to add a lot of information there and as it is with no scroll feature there I can only add the length of the page wich isn't much. Can anyone help me do that?

Thanks again for taking the time to read my jiberish :)