View Full Version : Flash site with flash plugin detection or not?

30 Dec 2005, 09:45 PM
Hi guys.. ok here's the issue. My site is in flash.. I looked up those javascripts that'll detect if the user coming top my site has the Flash plugin.. if he does he will be automaticaly be sent to the flash site, and if he doesn't.. to the HTML version.

I've read that the aren't reliable... so what do you guys use? an option on the index page so the user can choose what version?

I was going to go with this method... but I also have my site in 2 languages... so the site map would be horrible IMO. In the index, it would be "English or Spanish... " after that... "flash or html"

isn't that just a bit too messy?

here's the site map

anyway.. if this is the way to go.. would it be a good idea to make and index with just the american flash and spanish flag... and them text or something for the flash/html choice?

using the javascript detection would take out one step.. making it easier... but I don't have experience with them and really don't know if the are trustworthy

Thanks guys

31 Dec 2005, 12:01 PM
Javascripts can't really detect flash reliably. There is a system that can. Make a page with a meta refresh to the non flash site at say 5 seconds. Then put on that page a flash object that contains an actionscript to redirect to the flash version after say 2 seconds. If the visitor has flash, the actionscript will take them to the flash site, if not they go to the non flash site.