View Full Version : Please Review For Me

01 Jan 2006, 08:23 PM
Please let me know how I can improve my site. Thanks a lot.


02 Jan 2006, 05:41 AM
1. title: although title's not bad, oval with company logo is IMO too simple and it might not be bad idea to blend it in surrounding image or differently make it more attractive

2. colour scheme fits well in the subject and mood of the site. Usually I am against such sharp colour difference such as violet and green, but it is good for your site.

3. Main navigation: perhaps text should be also white or even brighter green on mouse hover? Give it a try. Also, change cursor to hand or cross when it hovers over link, that is neccessary. Links to 'Links' and 'About' sections are broken. Flash itself runs poorly on Opera, when mouse pointer leaves it, sometimes it remains green.

4. Font style: you go with serifs (Times) and that is good in this case. Plain black on white gives a bit of retro look to the site, and I like it (it's not too last century)

5. 'Services' page and background of content is now an issue. It looks plainly bad. Make container (div or table) and add it background-image property and not like this, where many elements have same background, but with white in between, just like 'Gallery I' page.

6. Default blue for links is not bad in this case, for retro look.

7. Overall site needs to be worked on more. Now it looks like something put together in a minute. If you choose to keep current retro style, you may need to work more to pull it right, it's harder. Site looks unfinished and hastily put together. You need to work more on graphics and maybe work on content placement (there is an issue with it not being perfectly centered), especially if you choose to go with current colour scheme.