View Full Version : Design/Layout terms ?

06 Jan 2006, 09:58 AM
There seems to be a number of arche-typal designs or layouts for web-sites.
I know I have terms for some of these, and I've encoutnered others, (fixed/fluid/elastic etc.).

I was wondering if there is an actually "web-designers glossary" or some such thing for refrence, or if there are commonly acceptable names for differing layouts (position of content objects such as "footer"), and for the affect/behaviour of sites, and even for the graphical/visual design, such as block, projecting, interface.

So if you understand the request, could anyone please point to such as refrence, or even list the names/definition you use to describe such things.

09 Jan 2006, 12:31 AM
Layout is the way you place the elements of your page in harmony with your website content.

Design is what you do :D

And for your glossary i'm sorry i don't know any, i thought you asked the meaning of layout :laugh: