View Full Version : ImageReady rollovers eating up too much space

07 Jan 2006, 05:04 AM
Hi all. First time posting, and I'm in a bind. In November I finished my programme in graphic design, and have since been hired to design a website.

I can cope fine with the design aspect, but it's been a constant struggle trying to optimize my pages. Here's how the original layout looks like:
Silver Tiger Printing (http://www.silvertigerprinting.com)

Every single page is unframed meaning I've had to link everything individually. Not only did I find this time-consuming but it also drains on memory. So I figured iframing would help out some, and it did to a certain extent:

The page itself is an iframe encapsulated by a fixed index page. It also contains an iframe of its own - the image gallery.

However, the navigation bar poses problems for me. In its current form, it is fixed, with "over" and "select" rollovers for each slice/link. "Over" for the effect and "Select" for the sustained effect, to give the illusion of connection between the selected slice and corresponding iframe.

I don't blame you if that didn't make much sense. I'm not too good at verbalizing my concerns, but maybe you can visualize what I mean with the examples provided.

It's not so bad with cmky.ca/products/aa/aa.html since I only had 4 sections to deal with, but it's been a nightmare trying to implement 'double rollovers' for a navigation bar containing 10 links. Are there any shortcuts?