View Full Version : Search Engine Optimization-Selection and Application of Key word plays a vital role.

08 Jan 2006, 05:59 AM
Search Engine Optimization or placement of your website means to demonostrate in such a way

which will adapt the requirement of seach engine i.e.Google,Yahoo,MSN and others.The needs

of the above mentioned Search Engine is slightly different but i strongly belief if

demonostration is acknowedged by Search Engine like Google then your success in internet

marketing will be in your door-steps.The search engine is so friendly sometimes it modify to

fit its requirements.

Keywords play one of the important role to place your site in high rankings which is

discussed below.

1.The keyword should be selected which will conform the page content.

2.Use such type of words according to viewers choice.

3.The keyword should be picked according to the title of the web site.

4.The keyword should adapt with the available product and its description.

5.Same keyword should repeat by which viewers will be dejected.

6.Density should not be more it should be kept low (5-10)% otherwise good keyword will loose

its importance.

7.closer of keywords generate good result.

8.Keywords in domain name are preferable to search engine Optimization

With best regards,

Julio Saltos