View Full Version : Some help please.

10 Jan 2006, 02:09 AM
My mom, dad and I are working on a web page design.

This is what it looks like now. (http://www.thebestoutlet.com)

But I was wondering if anyone knew how to put a "tell a friend button" on it?

Can you help?

17 Jan 2006, 09:51 AM
I see that this thread is about a week old, but I figured what the heck!

I like the idea of your site, I guess your not like a professional designer or anything like that but the layout of your site is really simple and I knew what it was and what it did almost right away.

A few things I'd mention :

(a) You can find a "Tell A Friend" script from anywhere on the web that lists "JavaScript" scripts. Since your using a basic system that'd probably be the best type of script to find.

(b) Learn about CSS. Cascading Style Sheets - (oh how I keep goin' on about them!). They will give your site a better look, improving fonts and colours.

(c) Lose the table borders, you don't really need them and I figured it'd probably look a bit better without them

(d) If your gonna have a "Featured" store - put some products they stock or at least a direct link to your "featured" page..you don't want your visitor trawling through your website trying to find something.

But hey - you know well done. I'm glad to see that some people out there can have pride in anything they do.