View Full Version : New Modern + Independent Design Store Needs Criticism

13 Jan 2006, 03:39 PM
Hi there -

I've just now put on the finishing touches to the redesign for my store El Burro. We have urban and modern accessories for life including art, photos, toys, clothes and gifts.

I could really use some honest feedback.



14 Jan 2006, 02:41 AM
Personally - I don't like flash based websites (thats just MY thing I know they are favoured among alot of people). I'm not entirely against iFrames, but if your going to use them then you shouldn't have the horizontal scroller at the bottom. Any frames should solely have the vertical scroller so I'd probably sort that out.

You have a page error that pops up on the site too - something about an iF_timer being undefined - I'd assume thats a javascript error somewhere regarding your iFrame.

The icons at the bottom don't really give an idea as to where they go unless you mouseover them, again thats just a personal thing - I think most links should have an idea as to where they are going before you click or mouse over them.

I know that all sounded harsh but other than that - the site looks fine - nice idea and I hope it works for you.