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15 Jan 2006, 10:23 AM
THE DESIGN OF THE SITE will determine its organizational framework. At this stage you will make the tactical design decisions about what your audience wants from you, what you wish to say, and how to arrange the content to best meet your audience's needs. Although people will notice the graphic design of your Web pages right away, the overall organization of the site will have the greatest impact on their experience.

The fundamental organizing principle in Web site design is meeting users' needs. Ask yourself what your audience wants, and center your site design on their needs. Many organizations and businesses make the mistake of using their Web sites primarily to describe their administrative organization, and only secondarily do they offer the services, products, and information the average user is seeking. Most designer won't care how your company or department is organized and will be put off if such inside information is all your site appears to offer. Talk to the people who make up your target audience, put yourself in their shoes, and make the items and services they want the most prominent items on the home page.


15 Jan 2006, 01:51 PM
After all that I expected an amazing site would follow, but instead there isn't much there from a visitors perspective. A professional design company without a single example of work that they've created; an "about us" page with way too much text (and written in "happy talk" style rather than being succinct and to-the-point as web text needs to be) and headings so light in color that they don't stand out at all.

>make the items and services they want the most prominent items on the home page.

"About us | Tutorials | Resources" is what I want most? It seems stuff is missing to me.