View Full Version : Few webdesign questions.

15 Jan 2006, 11:00 AM
Iv seen a few webpages like www.homemadeturbo.com that has a forum built into the site and iv tried and tried and never can get the forum to stay where i want it to and i would also like my meny to stay but to have a Iframe in the center of my page that only it changes when links are clicked.If anyone has any tips fell free cause im clueless.

15 Jan 2006, 06:59 PM
Get rid fo the iframe for starters. It's not doing you any favours.

The site you link to has simply themed (skined) his forum to the same colours as his site. He's use a table to layout the menu and header. There are may other ways of laying out pages such as using CSS but wither you use tables or CSS, don't use frames.

If you want a site plus forum plus other sections then have a look at using a CMS (content management system.) This will allow you to add modules such as forums, downloads, web links, articles, news, blogs and so on using a quick and easy method. You just upload the module and then go the admin area of the cms and enable the module. Update everything in seconds rather than having to edit every page one by one. I use such a system for www.splodgy.com

For a good CMS, have a look at www.xoops.com which I use to make splodgy.com.