View Full Version : HTML Parameters + Frames

17 Jan 2006, 09:42 AM
Hi I would like a little help with parameters in HTML if it is possible

Here's the problem : I have a page with 2 frames, one headerframe and one main frame. the page in the main frame has a couple of links. these links open a new page in the mainframe but his page also has 2 frame. Here's what I would like : I would like all the links of the first page of the main frame to call the same page.htm but passing 2 diffrent parameter that would be two page to open in the tow frames of the new page

so I would like to know how to pass these tow parameters to the page I want to open and also how to use the 2 parameters in the opening page ?

I hope its clear enough, my english could be better...

thanks for your help