View Full Version : Absoluetly Free Domain Name...Just check out here!!!

20 Jan 2006, 06:52 PM
Yes... a totally free domain name has just hit the markets. Belgium govt has decided to give away their .be domain free of cost till Jan 31st. But most of the registrars do not offer it freely by adding some setup charge.

But EuroDns offers .be domain totally free of cost.... Yes. Its totally free of cos. Believe me, I have already registered 10 domains. You get the full DNS control with it. EuroDns also offer other domain registeration at the cheapest rates i've ever heard recently. Just checkout here.

Click Here To Get Free .be Domains (http://www.eurodns.com/?refid=a550d8cafbebd6912a582c2b034c6a5c)

And hurry up. The offer stays till Jan 31st. Dont let others take ur dream domain before you. Go and signup fast.

21 Jan 2006, 02:42 PM
Thats cool.. I bookmark it. I knew before only registerfly. I will recommend it on forums those who are looking for .be domain. I like the domain name "eurodns". :yawn: