View Full Version : Charging for work??? Help

22 Jan 2006, 05:44 PM
Ok i know someone who needs a website doing i said id do it for him i am going to include flash and make it very sleak etc it will have his music and art on it including some games etc but one thing i am really stuck at is how much to charge him for it. It will have his work on that he will show people for jobs etc.
Id really be happy if someone could helkp me here because ive just seen an ad saying 3 pages for 299 6 for 499 and 12 for 699 but is this realistic or what if im going to charge him
Cheers People

maybe can someone tell me what they do when they charge clients like their rates etc?

22 Jan 2006, 06:26 PM
Work out a rate of ernings you want to recieve. Double that number to account for overheards. Estimate how long the job will take. Multiply the rate by the time and you get a cost for the job. Add a margin for error.