View Full Version : Question about web templates

23 Jan 2006, 03:09 PM

I'm relatively new to web design, allthough have been doing PHP & MySQL coding for years. I am interested in making templates to sell to services such as templatemonster.com. I usually make websites/templates by making parts in photoshop (for example a top banner & menu, middle content area, etc.) and then just using css and divs to position them properly on top of each other, etc. I havnt made all that many designs but it seems to work fine so far.
I was looking around at some sample templates from templatemonster.com, and it looks as if they jsut made the whole site in photoshop and then sliced it up. Is this really how most templates are made? Designs with tables arent that good are they? Can anyone please give me a few pointers on web templates?

23 Jan 2006, 10:03 PM
Well usually when you look at the templates at places like that, you notice that they aren't the most unique designs. They make them for people who haven't a clue how to design, and are too cheap to higher a designer. They aren't meant to be mind blowing and complicated, just graphically enhanced and easy to use...thus basic html and tables.