View Full Version : Press release: »Webdesign reference book«-project

25 Jan 2006, 06:19 AM
Pressrelease which has been sent to different webdesign-related newspages:

As of 01/23-2006 we launched the website for the »Webdesign reference book«-project.
The goal is, to release a book with about 150 of the greatest webdesigns, and currently we have received nearly 100 submissions and picked out about 30 webdesigns.

On the website you can submit your own design and see the latest 30 submissions, and pictures of the 20 latest approved designs, and the 20 latest designs with approval from their respective owner.

This is not a website, made to compete with the bunch of CSS-galleries already existing on the Internet, this is why only the latest submissions and approved designs are showed.

When we have had a lot of submissions, and have a lot of approved designs, we will close for further submissions, and start looking closer at the approved webdesigns. This is where we pick out the 150 best designs for the book.

We have some basic requirements for the webdesigns:
- The webdesign must be tableless
- Valid XHTML/HTML and CSS
- We will not concider flashsites for the book (it is an editorial decision whether a site is a flashsite or not)

Read more about the project and submit your webdesign on http://www.theundersigned.net/book.