View Full Version : Web Site Partnership Question

28 Jan 2006, 09:11 PM
I have partnered with an individual that will be selling a DVD series soon. What we want to do is for every DVD that is sold we will also be offering a free one month membership to my site as an added bonus.

What we were envisioning is that my partner will have a link to my site (a special registration page) in his members only section from which they can take advantage of the free month offer.

His members will click on the link and they will be directed to a special registration page, which is essentially the same as my normal registration page. However, any membership that is submitted from this “special” page will automatically have a discount code applied to it that will basically refund the first month’s membership fee.

My question is if there is a way to make it where the ONLY way you can get to my free month registration page that gives you the discount is if you enter the page while logged into my partner’s site and you click on the one link to my special offer on page www.partnersite.com/redirect. You cannot just paste the special page link into a new browser window.

My second question is if we can log what username on my partner’s site was entered when the link to the special page was clicked to apply for the free membership (only one offer per guest name), so if the same username applies for the free month offer twice then we will automatically kick the offer out for that particular individual.

How hard would it be to do this and what would be involved? Any help/input is much appreciated.