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02 Feb 2006, 02:32 PM
Hi there, I have been helping build a website and this is what I have come up with so far. www.camstoppers.com (http://www.camstoppers.com)

I would really appreciated peoples comments on it... as you can see I am a newbie to web development.

Another few questions I have:

How can the website be updated easily without actually hardcoding html files... I guess I am refering to a CMS here, but I haven't really got a clue on this subject. The website is coded in html, css and javascript. Can you use a PHP CMS for a website coded in these languages?

If you look at the website, there are two content boxes on the left which feature in everypage of the website. They are very tedious to update, so basically I want to make updating them a lot more straight forward.

Also on the search engine optimisation front... the website is currently cloaked, i.e the domain name has been purchased but the actual content is hosted with another company. Does this effect rankings? Does Google for example penalise cloaked websites?

Many thanks in advance!!

02 Feb 2006, 04:27 PM
I'm assuming that all your potential visitors will know what exactly a "camstopper" is without any further explainantion? I;m assuming this because you don't make any attempt to tell people what the product is, and it took me quite a lot of digging around to sort of figure it out.

You navigation is management centered rather than customer centered. The first link after "home" goes to a page with the company mission statement. No customers care about this and it should be either left off entirely or if you really, really must have it, but it at the bottom or combine it with something else and put it at the bottom of that page. Also this page has no text on it ... at least to a search engine it has none because all of the text is in slow loading graphics that can't be indexed.

I don't understand the "old vs New" part. You click on an image and you get a new window (I hate that) with a larger version of the photo. No text, no explaination of what the point of this is. I'd expect to get a page with both old and new photos on it and something about the differences. As it stands now I can see that your product is different from the other, but there's no qualifying what the important differences are, and as for the bridges, I don't see any connection to your product (unless it does something pertaining to bridges that I didn't get when trying to figure out what it does?).

On the home page the rollovers for the product call out points seem to be in the wrong order. What looks like a lever links to the heel; what I thought would be the heal links to material durability and the side parts of the arm are labeled lever. In addition all the call outs are images instead of text, so they can't be indexed and the images are blurry making them harder to read.