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04 Feb 2006, 03:22 AM
Link - http://www.hostaddicts.com

I've been working really hard on this forum for the past few days, and have managed to get 73 members in a matter of 3-4 days, which IMO is not bad for a webhosting forum like mine.

I'm not looking into becoming just another webhosting forum, I'm going to be spending some money on some custom vBulletin hacks/plugins to add these features to my forum:

Integrated Webhosting Directory
Integrated Webhosting Reviews
Integrated Tutorials section
Integrated Articles section
Integrated Webmaster Tools (Whois, PR lookup, etc.)
And many many more! :)

I've received a few quotes from some vB developers, and it's going to cost me around $400, which is really not a bad price.

1 - What do you think about my forums design and layout?

2 - Any comments, suggestions, etc.?

3 - Do you think http://www.hostaddicts.com has potential?

Thanks in advance! ;)