View Full Version : Positioning footers and fixing a design for IE

Sara Adams
05 Feb 2006, 12:46 PM
Edit: Done fixing the design. Topic can be closed or deleted.

Hi there,

I've got two issues, both of which concern the website at http://www.exetermcr.com .

1. I have some problems finding the right way to position the footer. (Copyright blabla)
Take a look at a short page like "Photo Gallery". As the side bar has "position:absolute", it does not reserve space and hence the footer is shown right underneath the content-field - overlapping the navigation bar when the content is "too short".
So I tried putting "position:absolute" on the footer and something like "bottom: 5px". Putting some margin on the content-div does the job ... in Opera. In Firefox the footer is displayed 5px from the bottom of the browserpage, not the whole page ... worse you start scrolling the footers going to be in the middle of your text.
I tried "position: fixed", which makes the footer always apear 5px measured from the bottom of the browser window - but obviously that's not a nice way of doing it, either.
Does someone know how I can make a nice footer-solution.
Btw. I can't get rid of the "position:absolute" and use "float:left" instead due to design reasons. I couldn't make inline to work, but there might be a way of solving this problem like that, I guess.

2. If you are looking at the page with IE you probably will have been shocked "a little". I designed the page such that it works nicely with Firefox, Opera and other browsers that are a) not totally outdated and b) try to stick to the standards. Unfortunately IE doesn't satisfy either of those. But I am aware that people do still use IE and therefore I guess I'll have to find some workaround for IE. Can someone help me with this? I don't have any experience with this - I'm new to web design and don't have Windows, so this is quite tough for me .

Thanks in advance,

-- Sara Adams