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07 Feb 2006, 03:39 PM
Im thinking of starting up an E-Store what would i need to know to make a good store on my own with no help. The thing thats bothering me is the shopping cart/credit card payment system. I have basicly no php experience how easy it is to use these free ready to go shopping carts and how easy to fully customise them?, Are these shopping carts good enough?

Any furthur help on anything would help me alot.

Thank You.


08 Feb 2006, 03:06 PM
Ecommerce is the solutions for purposes ranging from fund raising to selling products online with deifferent options like easy to set up and cost-effective to comprehensive and expensive. The key to achieve the best possible and right Ecommerce solution is the learning all options. You should identify an Ecommerce solution that suits your need, technology and budget.
To implement good shopping cart software like x-cart, zencart or OScommerce are the nice way to make simple design. :)