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09 Feb 2006, 06:13 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have a website design and am starting a search for a freelance web developer. I have little knowledge of the technical aspects of making a website, and therefore I'm trying to gain an idea of how much work is needed to write the scripts etc.
I have picked out the major feature of the website (and the one I think will require most work):

1) Every member needs a calender similar to the one used in Microsoft Outlook. As Outlook, there must be provision for arranging meeting requests (and matching availability from two members' calender. On each day the member can enter various types of events but for each type of event there must be different options for the user to edit/add detials to this event, or to change the type of event completely.

2) 'Hi5 type' invite request system - i.e. meeting requests sent via email to other members. Once members accept it updates into their calender. Again very similar to Outlook's Meeting Request system

3) The calender must automatically update into a list, which lists all the events in chronological order.

To summarize, my two main questions are:
A] How much work is needed to write the scripts needed to make an Outlook meeting request system on the web and what problems will I face?
B] What is the most suitable method of design i.e. html, php, coldfusion? the core of the website is this calendar.

As always, any help would be very much appreciated.