View Full Version : Reality of Unl. Space and Bandwidth... ?

11 Feb 2006, 10:29 AM
hey buddies,
Now I have seen many web hosting services which are offering unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for a SPECIFIED price... I don't know how it can be possible.. you know there is no unlimited thing on this earth then how it can be possible...

can any explain please ?

11 Feb 2006, 12:46 PM
"Unlimited" should mean that they'll give you as much disk space and/or bandwidth as your website requires. Obvioulsy there's a physical limit to everything in the world, but if they increase the resources for you to accomodate what your site needs, then you personally won't have hit that limit and in a sense is "unlimited" as compared to your needs. The way they can afford to do this is by knowing that the majority of web sites use very little disk space and consume very little bandwidth, and those will offset the couple that will use considerably more than the average. Also read the terms of service for "unlimited" hosts and see what the actual restrictions are for "unlimited" hosting and you'll probably see a number of limits being placed on what you can do with such an account. Generally you're better off with a host that offers a specific amount of disk space and a specific maximum amount of bandwidth per month, as then you don't have the other restrictions meant to attempt to throttle down your useage to acceptable "unlimited" levels.