View Full Version : Blank spots displaying within Graphic - mystery

13 Feb 2006, 07:41 PM
I have a graphic that when I bring it up in IE 6.0.29 it comes up with blank spots in the graphic (the graphic does not contain blank spots and it is not a missing graphic, just a blank spot in the graphic). THe blank spots are in the box border areas where the main content and newsletter content is.

If I press the back button and forward button, the page looks FINE. The graphic is fine then. Very odd. If I press REFRESH, the blank graphic problem appears. This is okay on Mac, but the PC in IE seems to be having problems.

Here is the page where I am working on it:

I would LOVE some help for this. I want to finalize the design so I can start turnign over the content into the design.

If you need me to provide a screen shot to show you what I am seeing, just say the word.

Thanks for your help!!